An artist is an explorer

An artist is an explorer.

Delighting, reveling in the constant challenge of creation, in the quest
for excellence and perpetual self-exceeding.

The material for an artist’s work are not without ; the artist is the material he works on.
All else, the subject-matter, the images, the ideas, form, etc. Are less relevant,
thouah not insianificant

True art is meditation, dhyana.
The true artist treats his own life as a work of art.
There is no difference between art and life,
the ideal and the real, the form and content.

This is the principle of Estheticism that Herman Hesse advocated.
I think it highlights a very important truth.
A true artist lives in a world of creativity,
True creativity happens when one is not.

When the individualized, limited perspective of mind and senses is dropped,a new world opens up, a world of constant creativity,

an explosion that is not limited to creating works of artistic perfection.
The whole Universe becomes a dance of immense creation,
the Creation that is happening each moment, eternally,
the Creator who is present in the present.

Then, one’s own life becomes a journey of exploration,
‘an adventure of consciousness and joy,’

and new insights and perspectives open up that change one’s life forever.
Rilke ends his celebrated poem on the torso of Apollo with this strange line,”You must change your life.”

It is fitting that the works of beauty we create pale before the beauty of lives we lead.

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