The Shoreless River

by Pariksith Singh

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Thought is unbounded. It is seamless and endless. It knows no limitations and is contained by no boundaries. Why then should the fluid expression of such thought, flow within shores, or be guided by the frames of external understanding?

Shoreless River is such an outpouring-of thought, emotion, reality and experience. As you stand here, you may reach out and touch everything, or experience the completeness of nothingness. The author invites the reader to step in, and experience without seeking, or seek and experience, this seamless flow of thought to word-in poetry, prose and philosophy.

We offer to each visitor something to touch, feel, experience and take away.


The measured meter

The measure and incantation of Haiku (a Japanese form of poetry of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five, traditionally …


The fluid poetry

Poetry lends itself to any thought and emotion, and flows only from the imagination of the poet. It
knows no limitation of language …


The considered musing

Pariksith Singh brings with him years of experience not only as a corporate individual and leader, but a spiritual student and thinker …


The tryst with philosophy

Dr Pariksith Singh has a solid grounding in the study of Indian and Eastern philosophy, fed by his role as a disciple of the Aurobindonian …

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