If I could draw

If I could draw

With diamond lights

Across the face of sky,
Mix space and glass
With silver light

And clump them as clay,
And on the lattice
Of pure absence

Sculpt a living shape,
I could create

A semblance of you,

Perhaps your presence portray.

If I could touch

With human eyes,

And with my fingers see,
If I could hush

My feverish brain

And carve stone into song,
And make it burn
And slowly spread

The fragrance of your name,
Each atom as incense afire
In cool gathered flame,
If I could transform

Feeling into fragrance
And sense into flame,
I would chisel
A body of glow

With beats of pulse
That I am

And build its home
On the unseen altar

Of light and crystalline space.

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